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A hydroponic system with a solar light is a good option for growing plants faster

A hydroponic system with a solar light is a good option for growing plants faster

With a variety of grow lights, you can produce a lot of plants indoors, including orchids, houseplants and even some vegetables and fruits. Grow lights are essential for seed starting since they help enhance stocky, greening seedlings. A wintertime harvest of salad and herbs greens can also be grown under lights. By understanding how plants use light and about fixture options, you can choose an indoor grow light system along with solar light system that is appropriate for the plants you need to grow.

The right color

Sunlight contains the full spectrum of light including all colors of the rainbow, from red via yellow to blue and violet. Similar to plants growing outdoors in the sunlight, indoor plants grow excellent under complete-spectrum bulbs, which gives a balance of cool and warm that clones the natural light spectrum. They are best for seedlings as well as culinary herbs, houseplants and other plants.

The right intensity

The intensity of light that a plant gets is determined by the brightness of the bulb and how near the plant is to the light source.  Plants differ in their requirement for light intensity. Usually, those plants that are innate to shady forest or tropical jungles do not need as much light as plants grown in dry, sunny climates. Various flowering houseplants, like begonias and African violets, are better being 12 to 14 inches away from light source. Foliage plants like philodendron or ivy can be put as much as 35 inches away from the light source. However, most flowering plants like gardenias, citrus and orchids, together with many vegetable plants, need a much higher light intensity to flower and produce fruit.

The right duration

No matter what kinds of plants you are growing, you need to give them a rest. When it is dark, plants respirate, which is a crucial part of their growth process. The fairness of rest time to active growth time affects most biological processes, including the rate of growth and the setting of bulbs and fruit. A power rifle with built-in timer helps in getting the duration right.

Botanists normally divide plants into three categories according to their recommended day length:

  • Short-day plants, like kalanchoe, chrysanthemums, begonias and azaleas, will blossom on less than 12 hours of a light day. These plants usually go through a series of shorter days before they set buds and flowers.
  • Long-day plants need 13 to 19 hours of light each day. Many seedlings for garden flowers and vegetables are long-day plants. If they do not receive enough light, they turn leggy and pale.
  • Day-neutral plants, including geraniums, foliage plants, African violets and coleus, are generally happy with 6 to 10 hours of light all year-round.

Make sure you are giving any hydroponic system the right grow light and solar light system in order to help them grow at the right pace.

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