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Can hydroponics be a superior option to organic farming

Can hydroponics be a superior option to organic farming

Hydroponics is a method of growing plant in a nutrient-rich and water-based solution. Hydroponics does not use water; rather the root system is supported using a lifeless medium like Rockwool, perlite, peat moss, clay pellets, or vermiculite. The basic logic behind hydroponics is to help the plant’s roots to have direct contact with the nutrient solution, while still getting access to oxygen, which is essential for appropriate growth. Growing with hydroponics come with many benefits and below are some of the benefits which makes the method a superior option when compared to organic farming such as the use of grow tents and special grow lights.

Space saving Farming

Hydroponics saves a significant amount of space compared to organic farming. Typically, a plant’s roots require space to spread out through the soil. This is not the case in hydroponics since crops there are plunged in a pool of oxygenated nutrient solution. Rather than using soil as a source of nutrients needed by plants, hydroponics uses a customized nutrient solution to cover your plants with correctly measured nutrition all the time. Due to this, you can put your plants together, leading to substantial space savings.

Hydroponics saves water

Soil gardeners regularly water their plants after every few days to ensure proper penetration into the soil for adequate sacking by the roots. Some of the water seeps into the ground or drips out of the bottom of the container while some evaporate out of the soil. The plant uses only a fraction of water. Hydroponics solves this issue using what is referred to as a recirculating nutrient reservoir in many kinds of systems. This ensures that a plant’s root will only absorb the amount of water they require at any one moment and leave the remaining in the reservoir for later. The tank is enclosed to prevent evaporation, and no water can drip out of the bottom. This helps the same amount of water that was to be used to water a plant in the soil for a day to water a plant in a hydroponic system for days or weeks at a time. You can save about 92 per cent of the water used on organic farming by switching to a hydroponic system.

Less pest and diseases

Pests and diseases are highly minimized in hydroponics. The soil is not used in a hydroponics system and instead replaced with a natural hydroponic growing media. Removing soil also removes many of various soil-borne pests and diseases than trouble organic farming. Using grow lights along with grow tents goes a long way.

Double-headed time savings

This is the great benefit of hydroponics. Not only does hydroponics saves you the time of weeding, watering and pest control, but also it speeds up the growth of the plant. When you are growing outdoors, it means you have to squeeze in more harvest cycles before your farming season comes to an end. You also get to observe the plants grow at a fast pace and learn about all of the various things you can do to promote the growth much faster. For instance, you can take a head of romaine from seedling to harvest in around a month in hydroponics compared to two months in soil. This can also help you become a gardening specialist with a time-saving.

Other benefits include:

  • It gives you extreme control
  • You can become a guerilla scientist
  • No weeding is required

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