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LED Grow light helping growers to be more productive

LED Grow light helping growers to be more productive

As most growers have found out over the decades, even the sun requires some assistance from time to time. It is estimated that between 40 to 60 per cent of solar radiation is blocked by greenhouse structure and coating before it gets to plants. In places with extended dark winters and short growing seasons, this is normally a bigger challenge and necessitates the use of additional lighting for optimal crop production. Going forward growers are learning every day that the best lighting sources of indoor operations primary or other are LED grow lights. Horticultural LED lights setups have revealed some amazing effects, including:

  • Producing more marketable crops overall
  • Using light alone to give huge yields per plant
  • Changing the wavelength of light to improve the food’s flavor

For these reasons and many others, including the ones listed below, LED grow lights are on the way to replace contest lighting setups in most new and newly refurbished growing operations as well as hydroponic systems.

LED lights are less expensive

The initial price of the LED lamp in Toronto is higher compared to that of an old-fashioned light though not as much as is usually believed since the cost of LED technology has been steadily reducing every year. Moreover, it does not take long for LED grow lights to pay for themselves in some ways. An intelligent businessperson understands that you have to look past the purchase price of the required equipment to regard the total cost of ownership. Energy costs are the third largest expenses for vast most of growers, with lighting cost representing a large portion of that both additional lighting in case of greenhouse and single-source lights for indoor operations. LED lights are 70 per cent more efficient compared to legacy high-pressure sodium lights if measured lamp to lamp. When you include the granular controlled rendered by LED lights that are not available with high-pressure sodium lights, the energy efficiency is higher. LED lights not only save on grower’s electric bills but also reduce other expenses as well. With the severe radiant heat bombing plants from above, growers can use less water since there is less evaporation. Furthermore, if keeping a grow tent cool is a challenge, LED lights to represent large energy and cash savings since they reduce the want for air conditioning.

LED lights create bigger, better plants

Bequest lighting systems render binary control. That is there are either on or off. When they are on, they produce a similar fixed spectrum for each plant though they might vary in intensity depending on the replacement timeframe. Therefore, every plant normally gets an equal spectral output as all the others even when you have got various varieties in the same area. If you do not provide every plant with the same nutrients, why would you provide them with the same light? With LED lights and modern networking hardware and software, growers can design proprietary light recipes or formula to bring out characteristics of the plants they know will make them marketable.

Other benefits of quality LED Lights include:

  • LED lights mean a healthier working environment
  • LED lights means more robust environment period

Along with the grow light benefits, also consider using grow tents that can go a long way in assisting any hydroponic system. Visit Urban Indoor Grow Solutions for the best price on LED Grow Lights in Toronto

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