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Hydroponics is a method of growing crops in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution. It does not use water, and instead, the root system is supported using a still medium like clay pellets, vermiculite, rock wool, or perlite inside a grow tent. The basic logic behind hydroponic is to help the plant’s roots to have direct contact with the nutrient solution while getting access to oxygen, which is essential for proper growth.

Advantages of hydroponics

Farming with hydroponics comes with several advantages,

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If you are an indoor farmer, you will require to take into account some tips on selecting the perfect hydroponic grow tent. Below are some of the benefits of getting one and how to pick the appropriate one for you.

Why do you need a grow tent?

It is affordable and easy

The initial step of growing cannabis is to find a grow room for your plant. Building an indoor grow tent is fast and convenient since there are several tents which come in a package with ventilation,

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Have you ever needed a farm, but do not have the outdoor space? Hydroponic farming is for you. It is an easy way to grow without using soil and can be done quite anywhere.


Do not go overboard purchasing hydroponic supplies that you may require in the future while you will not require in the beginning stage of the hydroponic growing. To start your hydroponic growing project, you will only need a few things to have a great start which include grow lights and grow tents.

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Millions of Canada citizens recently found themselves waking up one morning will the complete legal right to grow cannabis at home. For those who can produce, growing with hydroponics is a method that can be used to grow at home. Generally, particular policy varies from one province to another, and therefore it is not simple to head outdoors and set up your own commercial cannabis. You are still in the restrictive side, and you require to know what exactly you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do.

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