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It is easy to grow your own plants using a hydroponic system

Have you ever needed a farm, but do not have the outdoor space? Hydroponic farming is for you. It is an easy way to grow without using soil and can be done quite anywhere.


Do not go overboard purchasing hydroponic supplies that you may require in the future while you will not require in the beginning stage of the hydroponic growing. To start your hydroponic growing project, you will only need a few things to have a great start which include grow lights and grow tents.

Create a dedicated area for their growing

Many new gardeners can either buy an easy to install grow tent or build a greenhouse in their outdoors. Small grow tents for the beginning hydroponic gardener are normally slightly larger compared to a closet and can be fully installed in under an hour. The cost ranges depending on the accessories that you think you will require.

Get the appropriate hydroponic supplies

A small greenhouse may cost more since you will require to include either a drainage system and a cement floor or lay other kinds of flooring like gravel before you build the greenhouse itself. The cost of greenhouse depends on the accessories you choose. Remember to include grow tents as they help in the long run and special LED lights for growing can be beneficial as well.

Germinating seeds

  • Choose the seed you need to grow. Ensure that it can be grown where you live and that it is not a plant that is grown underground
  • Take wet paper towels and place the seeds inside them. Fold it over and place it lightly in a transparent, securable bag.
  • Put the bag in a warm, dark area and give the seeds some days to germinate. Germination is improved when grain is wet, hence keep the paper towels moist. Keep in mind that several seeds take longer than others.

Transferring the seedling

Do not forget that, when the seeds have germinated and are displaying at least one inch of stem, they are seedlings. What to do next depends on the kind of plant.

  • When the seed has a weaker stem, put it on the original paper towel and cut small holes for the leaves to appear through.
  • When the seed has a stronger stem, you can cover only the roots in moist paper towels and allow the stem straighten out and grow leaves.

Keep looking on the seedlings carefully to ensure that they grow straight. This is a very poor time in their life, therefore be very gentle. You can also find the right supplies to ensure proper growth at a hydroponic supply store.

Caring for your plant

  • Transfer the plant into its permanent container if the seedling is bigger and stronger
  • Fill the container with water. You can select between doing one plant per container, or having a bigger container with many plants. If you consider the second option. Ensure that all plants have proper support.
  • Place you grown seedling into the water, ensuring that only the roots are submerged. When you are growing a plant that can grow tall, make sure you tape support to the side of the container
  • Change the water after every few days, mostly when it seems to get translucent or murky.

Maturing your plant

  • When you choose a plant that produces fruits, keep a look on flower buds growing near the leaves
  • Ensure that the flowers do not weigh the stem down when you consider a flowering plant
  • Harvest the vegetable or fruits like any other plant.

Use of grow lights and grow tents ensures that the growth is faster and controlled in the right manner. Visit Urban Indoor Grow Solutions for the best prices on Grow Tents in Canada.

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