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New hydroponic grow tents helping farmers control temperature

If you are an indoor farmer, you will require to take into account some tips on selecting the perfect hydroponic grow tent. Below are some of the benefits of getting one and how to pick the appropriate one for you.

Why do you need a grow tent?

It is affordable and easy

The initial step of growing cannabis is to find a grow room for your plant. Building an indoor grow tent is fast and convenient since there are several tents which come in a package with ventilation, lighting, hydroponic systems, and air filtration.  Tents also come fit for installing fans and are generally waterproof and light proof.

Boosts photosynthesis

The sides of the grow tent help your plant to get enough of high-quality light exposure from every corner. The tents are light proof; hence you can also regulate the opaque factor in the dark period of your plant growth.

Control the growing environment

Controlling humidity, light and temperature are essential when it comes to growing cannabis, and it is easier to handle those factors in a growing tent. Furthermore, when you apply fertilizers to your crops, the odor will not be impacting your indoor air.

What size do you require?

Space, the type and number of plants

Depending on your arrangements, think of what can be the appropriate size for your tent. If you are focusing on growing some small plants, you can manage to purchase a tent which only requires for you to reach inside. If you are planning to produce a more significant amount, you will expect to be able to work around the plants and watch nearly every single plant, so you will require something which will allow you to move easily inside.

Think of the height of grown plants

You will require some ceiling area since your plants will probably grow in height. You can find an adjustable tent which can be deployed upward.

What to put into account when setting your first tent?

There several things you should ask yourself before selecting the right grow tent. Keep in mind that your tent should be capable of accommodating a fan, supplies and store tools and ensure that you do not have substantial electrical appliances connected to the same circuit as the grow tent.

Set up your tent

Before you begin, ensure that you have committed a period to set up your tent.

The steps followed in setting up a grow tent:

  • Clearing your space
  • Hanging your grow light
  • Hanging your fan
  • Attaching carbon filter
  • Undertaking the final check

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