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A Grow tent can speed up the growth and help grow quality plants

A Grow tent can speed up the growth and help grow quality plants

How you set up your plants growth environment determines how fast your plants will grow and the quality of plants you will get. Your plants healthy and productive growth cycle is determined by how you set up your growing area.

The following will help you in speeding up the growth and increase the quality of your plants:

Increasing light intensity

Increasing grow light intensity is the most effective way to increase the size, amount, and weight of your buds hence high yields. If your plants have no any problem or illness but have a slow growth rate, then the problem is with the light intensity you are providing them with. Since light is a basic food for plants, converting light into energy through photosynthesis gives plants the energy that is required for growth and production of buds.

Manipulating the plant structure to have a strong and proper light coverage

Plants manipulation create a way of increasing your yields, with no need of changing anything on your growth tent set up. There is no need of you buying costly or getting new grow lights to achieve this. Moreover, you do not need to do any cutting to your plants during manipulation. Basically, what you need to do is carry out low-stress training to your plants. The reason for carrying this is to help your plants grow wide and flat instead of growing tall and thin. This is usually done using beddings.

Getting the right plants nutrients

Your plants need nutrients to grow. To be a good grower, you should be able to tell when your plants show the sign of receiving a high level of nutrients. The commonly known sign of excess nutrients in your plants is nutrient burn. Although nutrients are essential for healthy plants grown, it is good to know that excess of nutrients can cause harm to your plants.

Controlling temperature and humidity

A better growing environment is very important for your plants’ health as well as the quality and yields of your plants. Low or high temperatures may lead to slow growth of your plants’ buds. When the temperature is too high at the flowering stage it reduces the strength of smell of your buds by burning the terpenes and cannabinoids. When the temperature is properly regulated, the smell and strength of your buds will increase during the harvesting period.

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