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What grow lights are used to get top quality marijuana in less time?

What grow lights are used to get top quality marijuana in less time?

Optimizing air, soil, water and grow light helps you in creating the best conditions for your plants. The more you take care of your plants, the more you better your yields. Light is a very crucial element to your marijuana since the more light you provide to your plants, the higher the yields you get. They are very important because they play a big role in determining the growth cycles of your plant, their photosynthesis and hence their health and their buds. Before building your grow room, have a draft of your requirements especially, water system management, light, and airflow to be used.

Below are the lights you need to use to have top quality marijuana in less time possible:

LED Grow Lights

They are very easy to set up, with the small ones being plug and play. After plugging them into the wall, you can just suspend them on top of your plants. You should go for them if you want an easy setup that will increase your marijuana yield. Although they do not run much hot, you should set up exhaust fans and arrange airflow and temperature all over your growing area. This will ensure top quality yields of your plants.

Metal Halide Grow Light at Vegetative Stage

Being one type of High-Intensity Discharge, Metal Halide grow lights are very efficient. They come with an integrated feature together with a reflector hood and an external ballast. They produce a lot of heat, therefore, require proper ventilation. Together with High-Pressure Sodium, these bulbs produce the best yield per watt of electricity through any available grow light. Hence, they are widely used by experienced growers in later stages of plant development. They give a bluish spectrum which is very essential at the vegetative stage.

High-Pressure Sodium Grow Lights at Flowering Stage

Same as Metal Halide, these lights should be used with reflector hood and ventilation. They have the same features with Metal Halide bulbs, and therefore they can be used at both flowering and vegetative stages. The lights produce a yellowish spectrum that plays a big role in buds development and is essential at the flowering stage.

Fluorescent Grow Light for Cloning Young Plants

Fluorescent lights are very crucial at the very first stage of plants lives. They use less electricity, there are cheap, and furthermore much popular among hobby gardeners, and hence very easy to find. For professional production, you need to have T5 grow lights. The lamps are mostly used for seeding, cloning, and for young plants. Although T5 lights are the best for small plants, you need to use high powered light such as Metal Halide or HPs in later stages of your plant growth.

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