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With cannabis getting legal, what products can you use to grow it yourself?

With cannabis getting legal, what products can you use to grow it yourself?

The purpose of growing cannabis is to harvest as much weed as possible. To get this job done, you need to have all the products that may be required during your plant growing.

The following is a summary of the product you may need to start growing cannabis


To start growing cannabis, you will be required to have an artificial grow light source. Some of this grow light may include plasma, LED, CFLs, and high-intensity discharge lamps. All these lighting products have their advantages and disadvantages. All that you need is a timer to help you control the several hours of daylight that your plants require. This is important for every stage of plant development. Lighting should be you most worthy investment.

Growing systems

Cannabis growing can be categorized into two i.e. soil and soilless. Soil growing is referred to as organic growing while soilless growing is hydroponic growing. Organic growing does not require any chemical nutrients, but on both types of growing, you need to control the pH level. Use of chemical fertilizer increases your yield and makes your plant diagnosis and deficiency easier. Soil growing is much easier to practice and if carried out in the right way, it has no effects on the environment.

Water source

Base water is the most essential water for cannabis growing. In most cases, well water and urban water are usually not good for carrying out irrigations. You should first determine how hard the water is in your region before starting you growing. Use of hard water is most likely to cause nutrient lookout or toxicity to your plants. It is advisable to use soft water but make sure you add more micronutrients such a magnesium and calcium.

Cannabis seeds and seedlings

You must have something to grow. You can do it in the old ways where you use seed, or just get some clones which easily and quickly grows to plants. You can increase their productivity by treating and feeding them well.


This is the most essential product that your plant needs. To have a high yield harvest, make sure you feed your plants with the right nutrients in the right amount. Before buying you nutrients, make sure you do a research to know the right brand of nutrients that your plants may require.

Watering can

You need to have a watering can to give your plants water rich in nutrients that they may need. At least have a can that can hold 10 litres or more.

Grow Tent

Buying a good quality Grow tent can go a long way in cultivating quality cannabis. It also helps in accelerating its growth.

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